American Red Cross Certification Opportunities

Red Cross pic
Red Cross


William Welsome serves as the Director of Operations with Atlas Adjusting, Inc. Currently a licensed public insurance adjuster in California, Arizona and Washington, William Welsome has had a prestigious and prolific career in the insurance industry, and spends his time outside of work in support of several charitable organizations, even receiving an award from the American Red Cross for his fundraising efforts. William Welsome has successfully worked in several major wild fires assisting in over $100 Million in claims.

The American Red Cross is a national non-profit organization that is part of a larger global network, all dedicated to helping people in need, whether it be through community programs, emergency disaster relief, or financial efforts. The American Red Cross is also one of the oldest aid organizations and was founded in 1881 by Civil War nurse Clara Barton. The American Red Cross is now one of the most prominent humanitarian organizations in the United States.

The American Red Cross has a plethora of opportunities for volunteers with the organization, ranging from monitoring blood drives to international relief efforts. Along with fundraising efforts, the American Red Cross also offers numerous opportunities for certification and training classes. These don’t necessarily have to be in service or conjunction with Red Cross efforts, but can simply be an opportunity for those who take the classes to learn ways to respond in an emergency or for self-development. Classes include CPR training, lifeguard classes, babysitting and caregiving classes, earthquake/tornado/fire classes, and more. To learn more, visit


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