Arson Dogs Help Fire Departments

accelerant detection canine
accelerant detection canine


A public insurance adjuster with more than 20 years of experience, William Welsome has helped numerous clients secure the highest settlement possible after experiencing losses from home fires and commercial fires. William Welsome donates time and money to charitable organizations such as Fire Dog, which helps local fire departments add service dogs to their ranks.

Also known as an arson dog, an accelerant detection canine is specially trained to sniff out accelerants–such as gas or lighter fluid–that may have been used to start a fire. Because of their energetic and friendly dispositions, Labrador retrievers or Labrador mixes are often trained as arson dogs. By identifying the presence of accelerants as early as possible after a fire, the dogs help fire departments and detectives optimize their chances of catching and arresting the arsonist. In addition to helping their handlers identify the presence of accelerants, arson dogs participate in community outreach programs and educational events focused on safety and fire prevention.


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