Red Cross Helps Families in West Virginia and California


Red Cross pic
Red Cross

Experienced insurance adjuster William Welsome serves as director of operations for Atlas Adjusting, Inc., in Modesto, California. Outside of his duties at Atlas Adjusting, William Welsome supports the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross has been working on the ground in the eastern and western United States recently to help those affected by June 2016 flooding in West Virginia and wildfires in California. In West Virginia, flooding closed dozens of roads throughout the state and forced thousands of people out of their homes. The Red Cross has been assisting affected families by providing meals, relief supplies, medical help, and other services.

In Kern County, California, Red Cross workers are operating shelters to support the needs of those in the path of the Erskine Fire, which has destroyed 150 homes and burned through more than 50,000 acres to date. Although the fire was nearly contained as of early July, the Red Cross continues to provide direct support and guidance to the thousands of people who have been affected by the fire.


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