Fire Dogs: Teams Detecting Arson


Atlas Adjusting, Inc. pic
Atlas Adjusting, Inc.

William Welsome has been a financial and insurance professional for over 17 years. Director of Operations at Atlas Adjusting, Inc., Welsome is an advocate for the insured during the claims process. William Welsome has donated his time and money to Fire Dogs, a charitable organization dedicated to bringing service dogs to aid local fire departments in solving fire-related crimes.

Arson dogs, along with their handlers, are trained extensively for certification in fire scene investigation. These hard-working animals live with their handlers as part of the family, and are brought to the scene to sniff out traces of accelerants such as gas, lighter fluid, or explosives left behind when a fire is set intentionally. Labrador retrievers are often used for this work, as their sensitive snouts can detect scents in parts per quintillion; paired with their gentle and sweet temper, they are ideal fire dogs. Since 1993, when the program was initiated by State Farm Insurance, hundreds of arson dog teams have been deployed throughout North America.


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